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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About Me!

I'd like to make a formal introduction, since I'm new to the blogging scene. Below you'll find some information about me that you may or may not find interesting... I don't really care either way.

Name: Ashley
Online Alias: Omi
Age: 20
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite TV Show: Glee
Favorite Anime: Amagami SS
Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt
Favorite Anime Artist: Satoshi Urushihara
Favorite Meme: Come at me Bro
Favorite Song: Animal by Neon Trees
Biggest Annoyance: Horrible drivers and spineless people

 I plan on trying to post once a day, if not every other day! I look forward to getting back into drawing every night!


  1. Man everyone watches Glee except me man. I dont cause cable is way to expensive for like...5 channels I actually want to watch

  2. It's on hulu- which I where I go to watch it since I'm a cable-less dork. :3