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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pokemon (You won't want to catch them all)

I have quite the interesting work life, and I just wanted to share a short narration with you before I head back to work today...

As background, I work in a 'call center' for a video game company; it's text based- not phone.

Me: My boyfriend found old Pokemon badges in his room last night.
Coworker: Wouldn't it be funny if he made you earn them through Pokemon battles?
Me: Actually... I was thinking you could turn that into a pretty interesting sex game........


  1. I think it's awesome in itself that your boyfriend found Pokemon badges in his room~ I wish I'd find stuff like that laying around ;_; I just have a bunch of Pikachu plushies from my younger days!

    Also, I like your blog! I'm going to follow you ^^

  2. great post! i like it
    supportin & folloing you!

  3. 8) Apparently, he cleaned out his room for the first time in years...

    Thanks for the comments! <3

  4. My BF still has his pokemon cards, lol

  5. I laughed. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if I still have any sitting around...

  6. Haha! Is it sad I still have pokemon cards? XD

  7. That would be hilarious and so awesome at the same time!